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Dear Friend,

I'm Sean, Founder of Elite FPA and I wanna take one second to tell you something. But before I do I need to warn you that I’m about to say *might* shock you...and probably innspire you at the same time 'cause it will go against everything you've been told.

See the thing is, I know why you're here... 

You've heard (like I did) that the way to become “successful”, is to work hard at school, get good grades, then go to university. Because then we'll be able to get a good job and thats when we'll be happy. Right?

But the truth is for many people that’s BULLSHIT.

Cause there's simply no guarantees in life.

University degree’s (as good as they are) are not an indicator of success or happiness and will not ensure you GET a job.
The realization doesn’t hit you until (if you're lucky enough) to be sat in the office looking at everyone around people beside you.
And while you feel your ankles swelling from sitting down for so long doing some pointless bullshit for a boss so he can take a bigger bonus more holidays and upgrade his merc (again)

Every day you've to drag yourself out of bed to do the daily “grind” while you tell yourself “it’ll all be worth it … day”.

But it’s NOT getting any better. and as the months …… even years go by, still, nothing changes. You've become so busy trying to make a living you forgot to make a life. 

You begin to wonder if there another way?

Let me ask you this; Have you ever considered what it would be like if you worked at something you love?
Maybe even like something fitness related. But that voice in your head tells you “That’s not a proper job….and sure the whole things saturated with trainers" 

then you point out every possible reason you could fail...

You're not: …fit, strong, skinny, toned, ripped, knowledgeable …..enough.

I’m here to tell you that’s also bullshit.

There's TONS of employers giving real opportunities, 

like seriously life-changing ones to people just like you reading this.

You the one who has a serious interest in fitness. 

you can’t stop reading books, watching videos, following the influencers and you’re also....

.......watching the clock all day to see when it's time to hit the gym.

Well, what IF 

I said....... 

that with the right education, direction and practice 

you could break the mold 

and do something today that could change everything for you in the best way possible.

And it's TRUE - We’ve helped hundreds of people. 

Not just get certifications but to make real lasting careers in fitness.

It's our mission to change the way fitness education is being delivered.

SO we can change the way Personal Training Is being delivered.

Cause let's be honest we've all seen those trainers down the gym.

You know the dudes who look like they got their qualification off the back of a cereal box :(

We believe in something different and we need people who are serious about this to help create a new breed of trainer. 

The kind who love helping people 

are passionate about being a promoter of positive change using health and Fitness as the tool 

If that sounds like you?

We can help with the rest. 

Watch the short video above and discover how fitness can change peoples views, confidence, the way they carry themselves and even their careers forever. 

Then use the scheduler to apply for one of our courses if the idea makes sense to you.

Believe me, your only regret will be you didn't do it sooner. 

Sean McGarrity

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